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ATT offers the services of experienced and professional translators of the Russian language of various subjects and specializations. All of them are able to perform high-quality and professional translations of standard and custom specialized texts in the fields they specialize. The main task of our technical translation bureau is to unite and direct the work of various specialists. And also control of the translation process and the subsequent editing of the completed translation, the so-called revision of the translation by an editor.

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Russian translations

We have been doing translations of varying difficulty levels since 2001. During these years, we managed to participate in a large number of translation projects, many of which involved the Russian language. Mostly we translated from Russian into English, but we also worked with other pairs of translations: from English into Russian, from Russian into French, German, Italian and other languages.

We do not strive to employ just any specialist translator-philologist in each area of specialisation, but rather a person who has significant experience in the chosen specialisation. For example, a music specialist is unlikely to be able to translate a charter or a non-disclosure agreement. A builder or a mechanic will be useless in translating an article about a toothache. In addition to knowledge of a foreign language, in this case, the Russian language, you need to possess a huge base of special terms, necessary for the use and used specifically in the project you need.

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What do you order most often?

Translations from Russian are in demand for various language pairs, but some of the most important translation directions include:

  1. Russian to English: English is a widely spoken language globally, and there is a constant need for translations from Russian to English. This direction is especially important for business, technical, legal, and academic translations.
  2. English to Russian: With the growing international presence of Russian-speaking countries, there is a significant demand for translations from English to Russian. This direction is crucial for companies expanding their operations into Russian-speaking markets or individuals seeking to communicate effectively with a Russian-speaking audience.
  3. Russian to German: Germany has strong economic ties with Russian-speaking countries, and there is a need for translations between Russian and German in various industries, including automotive, engineering, manufacturing, and technology.
  4. German to Russian: As German companies seek to enter the Russian market or collaborate with Russian-speaking partners, translations from German to Russian are essential for effective communication and business success.
  5. Russian to Italian: Italy has historical and cultural ties with Russia, and translations between Russian and Italian are required for industries such as tourism, arts, literature, and diplomacy.
  6. Italian to Russian: Italian companies or organizations expanding their reach to Russian-speaking countries rely on translations to effectively communicate their messages and establish strong connections with the target audience.
  7. Russian to Chinese: China’s economic growth and its increasing ties with Russian-speaking countries have created a demand for translations between Russian and Chinese, particularly in the business, trade, manufacturing, and technology sectors.
  8. Chinese to Russian: As Chinese companies invest in Russian-speaking markets and collaborate with Russian partners, translations are necessary for successful business communication.


Frequently Asked Questions

What expertise do your translators have in technical fields relevant to my industry (e.g., engineering, IT, medical, etc.)?

Our translators possess extensive expertise in various technical fields. We have specialists in engineering, IT, medical, and other industries. Each translator holds advanced degrees in their respective fields and has several years of experience translating complex technical documents. We also provide continuous training to ensure our team stays updated with the latest industry developments and terminology.

What processes do you have in place to ensure the accuracy and consistency of technical terminology in your translations?

We follow a meticulous quality assurance process to ensure accuracy and consistency. This includes using specialized translation software and terminology databases tailored to your industry. Each project undergoes multiple rounds of review by subject matter experts and senior linguists. We also maintain glossaries and style guides specific to each client to ensure consistency across all documents.

What types of technical documents do you typically translate, and how do you handle complex diagrams and figures?

We specialize in translating a wide range of technical documents, including user manuals, technical specifications, software documentation, engineering reports, and scientific papers. For complex diagrams and figures, we work closely with graphic designers and technical experts to ensure that all visual elements are accurately translated and formatted. Our team uses specialized tools to handle graphics and ensure that they are seamlessly integrated into the translated document.

How do you ensure confidentiality and data security for sensitive technical documents?

We prioritize the confidentiality and security of our clients’ documents. We have robust data security measures in place, including encrypted file transfer, secure servers, and strict access controls. All our translators and staff sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to ensure confidentiality. Additionally, we comply with international data protection regulations, such as GDPR, to safeguard your information.

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  1. ATT Avatar

    If you have any questions about translations from or into Russian, please be kind enough to write them here. We will be sure to answer them in detail.

  2. User Avatar

    How do you handle updates and revisions to technical documents that may occur after the initial translation?

    1. ATT Avatar

      We understand that technical documents often require updates and revisions. We offer ongoing support and a streamlined process for handling updates. Our team ensures that all changes are integrated seamlessly, maintaining the document’s consistency and accuracy. We use version control systems to track changes and ensure that the latest version of your document is always up to date. Additionally, we offer discounted rates for revisions and updates to existing translations.

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This is not the first time I have come to this office. Everything is always quick, clear, the employee is very polite and it is always a pleasure to come back here.

Excellent translation agency. Translation of diploma with additions from Russian to Italian was done good and quickly. The prices are reasonable. The staff is very polite and courteous.


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