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Czech translation

At ATT – Translations we provide expert and proficient translation services for the Czech language across various fields and specializations. Our team of translators consists of experienced professionals who have a thorough understanding of standard and complex texts in their respective areas of expertise. Our technical translation agency aims to bring together diverse translation specialists and oversee the entire translation process, including a final revision of the translated material by an editor. Our commitment to quality ensures that you receive accurate and precise translations that meet your specific needs. Choose ATT – Translation Services for reliable and professional Czech translation services.

Since 2001, we have been providing high-quality translation services for various complexity levels. Throughout the years, we have taken part in numerous translation projects, including ones that required Czech language expertise. Our primary language pairs involve translating from Russian into Czech. However, we have also completed translations from English into Czech, as well as from Czech into Russian, Italian, French, and other languages.

We translate Czech in the following fields:

  • Technical translation: We provide written translations for a wide range of technical documents, including manuals and instructions for the delivery, assembly, commissioning, and operation of various types of machinery and equipment. Our services also cover the translation of product specifications, technical descriptions, catalogues, abstracts, and datasheets. We can handle the translation of AutoCAD schemes that describe technical documentation, as well as machine and equipment manuals and reference materials, patents, standards, and other normative documents.
  • Legal translation involves translating various legal documents such as contracts (agreements), incorporation and registration documents, articles of association of organizations, memoranda, certificates, diplomas, and bank statements. In addition, legal translation also includes translating legal acts, opinions, business plans, agreements, and arrangements of various kinds, tender offers, and expert opinions. Translators in this field often deal with legal research and translation.
  • Literary translation involves the translation of various literary genres such as fiction, history, popular science, science fiction, and other forms of prose, as well as poetry, which may retain the original rhyme or only convey the meaning of the work. It also encompasses the translation of advertising materials such as leaflets, flyers, and radio and television advertisements, as well as other texts that demand a creative and imaginative approach.
  • Medical translation. Our company specializes in providing top-quality medical translation services, both for medical institutions and individual clients. Our experienced translators have extensive knowledge in various medical fields and can expertly translate any medical document, including medical history extracts, epicrises, certificates, and examination results. We also translate laboratory results, tests, and clinical records, as well as medical literature and scientific articles. Our services also include the translation of researchers’ brochures and research protocols, instructions for the use of medicines, and disability certificates. Moreover, we pride ourselves on our ability to procure and maintain medical equipment for healthcare institutions. With over two decades of experience in the industry, we have been able to develop and maintain partnerships with some of the leading medical equipment manufacturers. We ensure that all our translations are of the highest quality and are delivered on time. Choose our company for all your medical translation needs, and you won’t be disappointed.
  • Software translation and localization of websites. Our company specializes in software translation and website localization services. Our expert translators are skilled in translating computer programs, software, and computer games, including help files. We also provide website translation and maintenance services for companies operating in the Czech or Russian markets. Our localization services go beyond mere translation, ensuring that the product or game is adapted to the target culture, rather than a direct and literal translation. Trust us to provide you with high-quality translations that meet your software and website localization needs.

By choosing our Technical Translation Services, you can rest assured that you will receive top-quality translations from our team of skilled translators, managers, and editors who specialize in Czech. We take pride in providing accurate estimates for your project, as well as concrete deadlines for translation and related tasks. We are dedicated to providing the best possible translation services and ensuring your satisfaction. If you have previously used another translation agency and were not satisfied with the results, we offer affordable editing services for translations completed outside of our agency. This will save you both time and money. However, it’s always best to work with experts in Czech translation who have over 20 years of experience. Choose us for your next translation project and experience the difference that expertise and dedication can make.

Interesting facts about the Czech language

  1. Czech is a West Slavic language and is the official language of the Czech Republic.
  2. It is spoken by approximately 10 million people worldwide, with the majority living in the Czech Republic.
  3. Czech is closely related to Slovak, and the two languages are mutually intelligible to a certain degree.
  4. The Czech language has a complex system of declension and conjugation, which means that the endings of words change depending on their grammatical role.
  5. Czech has a rich literary tradition, with famous writers such as Franz Kafka, Milan Kundera, and Bohumil Hrabal writing in the language.
  6. The Czech language has a number of unique sounds that are not found in many other languages, including the ř sound, which is a kind of rolled r.
  7. Czech has borrowed words from many different languages, including Latin, German, and English.
  8. The Czech language has also contributed many words to other languages, including English. Examples include robot, which was coined by Czech writer Karel Čapek, and pistol, which comes from the Czech word pištola.
  9. The oldest surviving written text in the Czech language is the Kralice Bible, which was published in 1579.
  10. Czech is taught as a foreign language in many countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Some difficulties in translation into Czech

Like any language, Czech has its own unique challenges when it comes to translation. Here are a few difficulties that translators may encounter when translating into Czech:

  1. Complex grammar: Czech has a highly inflected grammar system with seven cases, which can make it difficult to maintain proper sentence structure and convey the intended meaning.
  2. Vocabulary: While Czech shares some vocabulary with other Slavic languages, there are also many words and phrases that are unique to Czech and have no direct equivalent in other languages.
  3. Idiomatic expressions: Czech, like many languages, has its own set of idiomatic expressions and phrases that can be difficult to translate directly into other languages without losing some of their meaning.
  4. Cultural context: Czech language and culture are closely intertwined, and some phrases or concepts may be difficult to translate without a deep understanding of Czech history, customs, and traditions.
  5. Dialects: Czech is spoken in various dialects and regions, each with its own unique vocabulary and grammar structures. Translators must be familiar with these differences and adjust their translations accordingly.
  6. Text direction: Czech is written using the Latin alphabet but read from left to right. This can cause issues when translating from right-to-left scripts, such as Arabic, into Czech.

Overall, translating into Czech requires a deep understanding of the language and its nuances. A skilled and experienced translator can navigate these challenges to produce accurate and effective translations.

Why choose us

Looking for high-quality and accurate Czech translations? Look no further than our professional translation services!

At our company, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality Czech translations for all types of documents and industries. Our team of experienced and qualified Czech translators are experts in their field, with years of experience and knowledge of the language and culture.

We understand that accuracy and attention to detail are essential in any translation project. That’s why we use a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure that every translation is of the highest quality and meets your specific needs and requirements.

Whether you need translations of legal documents, technical manuals, medical reports, or marketing materials, we have the expertise to deliver accurate and culturally appropriate translations on time and within your budget.

Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and dedication to providing outstanding customer service make us the top choice for all your Czech translation needs. Contact us today to learn more and get started on your next translation project!

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