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The volume of technical information is constantly growing. Thanks to digital technology, the possibilities of dissemination are almost limitless. However, many texts need to be translated. Technical translations must be accurate, concise and reproduce all the details without any distortion. It is important that it is done by a person who not only knows the foreign language but also understands the subject.

Our company has been successfully translating technical texts of any complexity for more than 20 years. Over this period, our employees have completed numerous projects for organisations, industrial enterprises and private individuals.

We work with documents of any format: drawings, technical instructions, norms and standards, presentations of machinery and equipment, and operating manuals.

Features of technical translation

Technical translationThe experts at our technical translation agency are:

  • are professional translators and have an Advanced Proficiency level in the foreign language;
  • in addition to their linguistic training, have qualified as engineers in the required field;
  • are experts in the subject and have practical experience;

Technical documents are usually full of terms, abbreviations, acronyms and numerical data, so every detail is important. Often a team of specialists, including a linguist, a technical editor and a technical engineer, is involved in technical translations. This approach ensures that the translated text is as accurate and informative as possible.

At ATT language service provider, you can order written translations of technical texts in all key areas. These services are in demand among specialists and owners of industrial enterprises and trading companies, who due to their specific nature of work are faced with technical documentation in foreign languages or work with foreign partners. We also work with private clients who need to translate instruction manuals for household appliances or technical text.

Why choose us?

Technical translation of documents is a priority for our office. Our employees use all modern tools to carry out their work: dictionaries and glossaries of terms, normative reference books, and industry literature.

Full transparency of the cost of services is another advantage of our company. Prices for professional translations of technical texts performed by our specialists are strictly fixed depending on the language and type of translation and are specified in this section of our website.

technical translation of textsContact us to order a technical translation worldwide. Our customers receive:

  • The ability to provide original technical documentation in virtually any format (Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and others);
  • strict adherence to uniform terminology, which will make the finished text easier to read and avoid confusion;
  • free basic layout;
  • the fastest possible turnaround time;
  • a guarantee of rework or a refund in the event of poor workmanship.

Leave an application on the website by attaching a source file or call us at the telephone numbers given. We will soon analyse the complexity of the task, draw up an individual quotation for you, discuss your wishes and requirements, and, once the details have been agreed, proceed with the project. Customers receive the finished work by e-mail or by courier delivery.

Do not miss the opportunity to make use of the wealth of experience and knowledge of the employees of the Technical Translation Agency in the most favourable conditions. Experienced linguists with even extensive specialist knowledge will be employed to translate your technical text, irrespective of its scope.


You can order technical translation services at the ATT Translation Agency. We offer translation of such documents as:

  • Technical and project documentation.
  • Scientific and technical literature, including reference books and textbooks.
  • Instructions and manuals for various equipment.
  • Monographs, dissertations, theses.
  • Technical texts for popular science publications and websites.
  • Our firm also translates blueprints and technical standards.


As with most narrow fields of knowledge, the peculiarity of technical translation is that the text is full of terms. Despite the fact that many terms in the Russian language are borrowed from English and German, everything is not as easy as it seems to first-time users.

The terms have a great deal of information content. But each term can have many meanings, depending on the context. For example, the word “valve” means “valve” in motor construction and “valve” in thermal engineering. The word “engine” can mean a machine as a whole or just its engine. The multiple meanings of the terms require a high level of skill on the part of the translator.

In addition to terms, there are many abbreviations, acronyms, and unusual lexical constructions in technical texts. Sometimes the translator has to seek additional advice from an expert in a particular technical field.

When working with a text, it is important to be aware of grammatical peculiarities. These texts have no emotional content and use many compound sentences. The translator has to have the analytical skills to correctly interpret a sentence and build it up again in another language.


There are three types of translation of technical texts

Full translation (written translation). This is the main type and is used when working with various types of documentation, including schemes and drawings.

The abstract translation is a full written translation not of the whole text but of pre-selected blocks. It is an abstract of the original – the length of the text is reduced, but only the key points remain. Often it is about the results of the research. They leave the topic, describe the method by which they studied the background, and state the results obtained and the conclusions. An introductory and theoretical part may not be necessary for the prepared reader.

An abstract technical translation has an introductory function. That is, it introduces the reader to the topic and a few basic concepts of the original document. Sometimes only a technical translation of the headings is needed and then the client can decide whether to translate the entire text on the basis of this information. Sometimes selective translations are made of blocks that are not clear to the client due to too many terms, and the client can deal with the rest on his/her own.


The technical translation should be laconic, logical and accurate. It conveys the essence of the material without any emotional colouring. Free interpretations of the text are not allowed. Everything must be as the author wrote.

In some cases, the services of a specialist also involve registration of the resulting document in accordance with industry or government standards.


Translation services price depends on language rarity/ prevalence, the complexity of the work and the urgency of its performance. The price of the service will be higher if illustrations and drawings need to be inserted into the target document (regardless of whether it has a caption or not). The insertion of charts and graphs also increases the cost of the service.


Our company provides technical translation services. We work with texts of all levels of complexity. The order will be executed within strictly agreed timeframes. The cost depends on the complexity and volume of the work.

The price calculation mechanism is absolutely transparent and our clients may see for themselves that there will be no extra charges. Please leave your order form on our website and our manager will contact you to discuss terms of cooperation, including the price of services.

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Ukrainian translation 0,04 0,07 0,1
Uzbek translation 0,05 0,08 0,12
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