Professional translation

Professional translation

Professional translation is translation done by an experienced and qualified translator who has specialised knowledge in a particular field. A professional translator usually has extensive experience in languages and language structures as well as a broad outlook and professional knowledge in various fields such as medicine, law, technology and so on. A professional translator must also have good communication skills and the ability to adapt the translation to the specific audience and context. It is important to understand that a professional translation not only accurately conveys the meaning of the source text, but also retains the style and form and takes into account the cultural nuances and characteristics of the language into which the text is translated.

Professional translation and notarial translation are two different types of translation.

A professional translation is a translation of a text from one language to another by a professional translator. A professional translation may be needed in different situations, e.g. for the translation of business documents, translation of literary works or as an accompaniment during negotiations with foreign partners. Professional translation may be done by both certified and non-certified translators and its necessity depends on the specific situation.

A notarised translation is a translation certified by a notary. It is required where the translation must have an official status and be recognised by law. A notarial translation may be needed, for example, for the translation of documents for immigration services, marriage registration or a real estate transaction. The notary authenticates the translation and certifies the translator’s signature, making the translation an official document.

The main difference between a professional translation and a notarial translation is therefore their purpose and status. Professional translation can be used in different situations while a notarial translation is an official document with legal effect.

Cooperating with our agency you will get a professional translation performed in compliance with international standards. Our company guarantees a high degree of responsibility and maximum speed of execution of written translation at minimum cost without reducing the quality of work.

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Price list for our translation services

Translation price in EUR per 1 word in the source text. Price includes evaluation, preparation of the original for translation, translation and simple formatting.
Languages Machine translation and light proofreading Professional and specialised translation Premium (translation, specialised editing and quality control)
Armenian translation 0,05 0,08 0,12
Azerbaijani translation 0,05 0,08 0,12
Belarusian translation 0,05 0,08 0,12
Bulgarian translation 0,05 0,08 0,12
Czech translation 0,05 0,08 0,12
Chinese translation 0,06 0,09 0,14
Croatian translation 0,05 0,08 0,12
Dutch translation 0,05 0,08 0,12
English translation 0,04 0,07 0,1
Estonian translation 0,05 0,08 0,12
French translation 0,05 0,08 0,12
Georgian translation 0,05 0,08 0,12
German translation 0,05 0,08 0,12
Greek translation 0,05 0,08 0,12
Hebrew translation 0,06 0,09 0,14
Hungarian translation 0,05 0,08 0,12
Japonese translation 0,06 0,09 0,14
Kazakh translation 0,05 0,08 0,12
Korean translation 0,06 0,09 0,14
Kyrgyz translation 0,05 0,08 0,12
Latvian translation 0,05 0,08 0,12
Lithuanian translation 0,05 0,08 0,12
Polish translation 0,05 0,08 0,12
Portuguese translation 0,05 0,08 0,12
Romanian translation 0,05 0,08 0,12
Russian translation 0,04 0,07 0,1
Serbian translation 0,05 0,08 0,12
Slovak translation 0,05 0,08 0,12
Slovenian translation 0,05 0,08 0,12
Spanish translation 0,04 0,07 0,1
Tajik translation 0,05 0,08 0,12
Turkish translation 0,05 0,08 0,12
Ukrainian translation 0,04 0,07 0,1
Uzbek translation 0,05 0,08 0,12
More than 50 pages -10% Complex formatting, unusual file formats +50%
Single-type texts with many repetitions -20-50% Increased urgency for translation +20-50%
Long-standing clients and legal entities pay for our services upon completion of the translation

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