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Translation of technical articlesThe translation of technical articles requires a special approach. These are texts that can be used in the engineering, chemical and construction sectors. Their peculiarity is that the text is written in a scientific style and contains a large amount of digital and graphic information (drawings, charts, graphs, etc.). This requires the translator to have extensive knowledge of the industry for which the work is being produced.

Translation of technical sector articles involves the translation of texts related to specific industries or technical fields. These articles can cover a wide range of topics such as engineering, electronics, computer science, mechanics, and more. They often contain specialized terminology, complex concepts, and detailed descriptions of technical processes or products.

In order to accurately translate technical sector articles, a translator must have a strong understanding of the subject matter and be familiar with the terminology and jargon used in the industry. It is also important for the translator to have experience in translating technical texts and be able to accurately convey the intended meaning while maintaining the technical accuracy of the content.

Translation of technical sector articles is an important task as it allows businesses to reach a wider audience and expand their market reach. It also enables companies to collaborate and share knowledge across borders and languages, ultimately driving innovation and progress in the technology sector.


To keep up with the latest trends in science and technology, you need to read foreign publications. Not all professionals are able to learn the language at such a level that they can translate the text themselves. But you can order translations of technical texts such as scientific articles, reviews or press articles.

Such a translation is needed:

  • scientists (sometimes it is necessary to translate their articles from English into a foreign language – for publishing in foreign publications);
  • undergraduate and postgraduate students for writing their theses and dissertations
  • engineers and managers in scientific, technical and production enterprises – to keep track of new trends.

In any case, the translation of a technical text requires the input of an erudite translator who has been working in the field for a long time.


Technical articles have peculiarities that need to be taken into account when translating:

  • They are written in a scientific style that favours impersonal verbs and passive voices, which can make it difficult to understand the original text.
  • Long grammatical structures are used, but most often this style needs to be retained in the translation.
  • The text needs to be clear and concise, avoiding different interpretations. If certain conditions (e.g. in an experiment) are mandatory, the translation implies only one interpretation.
  • The use of impersonal constructions in the text is recommended.
  • Numerical data and units of measurement cited in the text should be localised. If the document is translated into Russian, the rules of GOST, which ensure uniformity of measurements, shall be used for units.
  • The text of the translation shall include references to national and international standards. The latter shall be given in the original language, but the translation into Russian shall be indicated in brackets.
  • The document shall retain the structure of the original.
  • Whether generally accepted terms or standard-approved scientific and technical terms shall be used in the translation. However, when a fundamentally new phenomenon is involved, the translator often has to “trace” it from a foreign language.

This requires the translator to thoroughly study the material available on the subject and work with several sources.


Our agency offers translation of technical articles into European, Slavonic and Eastern languages. We work with translators who are familiar with the requirements of such documents. If the text is large, several employees will translate it at once. This allows the task to be completed swiftly. If necessary, they will consult with technical experts in the field. The translated document will always be checked for errors by an editor. If necessary, they will adjust it to a consistent style.

To order a translation and find out its price, you need to fill in an online application form and send it to us, after which our manager will contact you to agree on the details.

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