Translation a bank statement

Translation a bank statement

A very popular service is the translation of bank statements (income statements) into English or any other language for submission to embassies and consulates in order to obtain visas to visit these countries. The translation can be notarised or stamped by a translation agency. It depends on the requirements of the embassy where the document with translation shall be submitted and these requirements shall be specified beforehand. Not only do they vary between countries and the requirements of their consulates, but also the requirements of the same embassies may differ from time to time.

Most frequently you have to translate your bank statements into English. Bank documents of Alfa Bank and Privat Bank are less common, followed by the rest of the commercial banks. English translations of bank statements predominate, followed by German and French. But this linguistic pattern is found in all translations into a foreign language from Russian.

In spite of the fact that the translation of a bank statement for notarization is standardized and there are no difficulties with the selection of vocabulary or difficult word combinations. The main difficulty of such bank transfers is the exact transfer of bank details and the full name of the person to whom the statement was issued. That is why all the figures in the statement must be scrupulously checked. It would be very disappointing to be refused a visa if the embassy will find even one letter in your name written differently than in your passport. It is even more annoying if one digit of your account number is missing or your currency is wrong. This is why a foreign bank statement translation is very carefully checked by a translator and additionally by an editor before the translation is handed over to the client.

translation of bank statements into English

Translation of a bank statement or any other bank statement into the main languages (English, German, French, Italian, Czech, etc.) in our translation agency is completed within a few hours. If you need the translation into more uncommon languages (Arabic, Turkish, Greek etc.) the procedure may take up to 24 hours.

The bank statement is a single-entry document, i.e. it can be sent only once to a foreign embassy or consulate, therefore the translation is always carefully bound to the original statement and certified by a notary or translator. If you need several such translations, it is better not to make a notarial copy of the translation, although they seem to have the same legal force as the translation file to the original, it does not look solid and may not be accepted for consideration by the consulate. In this case, it is better to get as many copies of the excerpt from the bank as you need to submit and file the translation to the original document each time. It is all the more reason why our agency offers considerable discounts for such duplicates and such duplicates can be made much sooner than translations.


In international practice, an invoice replaces documents such as invoices (and sometimes invoices) used in Russia. However, they contain less information and there is no exact correspondence between them. The document used in international trade contains information such as:

a list of all goods items for a given shipment;
quantity and price of each item;
Data enabling identification of the product (colour, size, etc.);
terms and conditions of the transaction;
the consignor and consignee details.
The translation of this document is necessary so that the importer has a reason to transfer funds to the seller.


When it comes to the translation of commercial invoices, you must be aware that every detail counts. As they are later included in the set of customs documents, one mistake or inaccuracy in the translation may be the reason why the goods cannot be imported into the country and the documents will have to be redone.

The specialist who is working on the translation should ensure that the terms and phrases repeated in all the documents included in the package are translated identically. The invoice must always be certified in accordance with the requirements of customs.


Our company offers translations of invoices done by specialists who have been working in the field for many years. We work with specialist translators who know the customs law and how to issue these documents. Our editor will always check the finished text. This helps to avoid mistakes.

Our agency offers:

  • High translation accuracy and retention of the document structure.
  • The clear mechanism of cost estimation depends on volume, complexity and language pair.
  • Possibility to choose a convenient way of payment for translation.
  • Official assurance of the invoice.

To order our services, you just need to leave an application on our website and wait for a call back to agree on the details.

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