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Translation of all types of documents from and to Estonian

Estonian translation

At ATT – Translations we are proud to offer the expertise of experienced and professional translators specializing in Estonian language translations across various subjects and specializations. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality and professional translations of both standard and non-standard specialized texts that match the expertise of our individual translators.

Our technical translation company’s main goal is to bring together different specialized translators and ensure they are working towards the same direction. We also focus on supervising the translation process and subsequently editing the completed translation to ensure it meets the required standards.

Since 2001, we have completed a wide range of translation projects with different complexity levels, including several Estonian language projects. While most of our translations are from Russian into Estonian, we have also worked on other language pairs, such as English into Estonian, Estonian into German, English, and many others. Thanks to our friendly relationships with various translators and translation agencies from Tallinn and other Estonian cities, we can translate almost any language pair through Estonian.

Our team understands that specialization is critical to producing accurate translations. We don’t just employ any translator-philologist; rather, we work with specialists who have significant experience in their areas of expertise. For instance, a music specialist would not be the best person to translate a charter or a non-disclosure agreement, and a builder or a mechanic would not be useful in translating an article about a toothache. In addition to knowledge of the Estonian language, a translator also needs to have a vast base of specialized terms that are necessary for the project at hand.

We also understand that proper translation requires a native-level proficiency in the language, which is why our team of English or Russian-speaking translators is well-equipped to handle translations from and into Estonian. We take great care in selecting the most appropriate term or vocabulary to clearly describe the information being translated.

Choose ATT – Translation Services for your Estonian translation needs, and experience professional and high-quality translations that accurately convey your message.

We translate Estonian in the following areas:

Technical translation
Translation of manuals and instructions for delivery, assembly and commissioning and operation of various machines, machines and equipment; translation of product specifications and technical descriptions; translation of catalogues, datasheets, datasheets; translation of AutoCAD diagrams (technical documentation); translation of machine and equipment manuals and reference materials; translation of patents, standards and other regulatory documents.
Legal translation entails the translation of contracts (agreements), titles establishing legal incorporation and registration documents; translation of articles of association of organizations, memoranda; translation of various certificates, diplomas and certificates; translation of bank statements and other bank documents; translation of legal acts and legal opinions; translation of company business plans, various agreements and arrangements; translation of tender offers and expert opinions; frequently translators deal with search and translation of laws
Literary translation includes the translation of fiction, history, popular science, fantasy and other books, articles, essays, short stories and other prose; literary translation of poetry retaining rhyme or retaining only the meaning of the work; translation of advertising leaflets, flyers, radio and television advertisements; translation of other texts that require creative and creative approach;
Medical translation is both participation in procurement, procurement and organization of maintenance of equipment for medical institutions and translation of various medical documentation (extracts from medical history, epicrizes, certificates, examination results, etc.); translation of laboratory results, tests, examinations; translation of medical literature and scientific articles in various medical fields; translation of clinical records and disability certificates; translation of researchers’ brochures and research protocols, translation of instructions for use of medications, etc. We can do all this and much more with a quality translation from and into Estonian.
Software translation and website localization: translation and localization of computer programs, all kinds of software and computer games, translation of help files, translation and maintenance of websites for the Estonian sector of the Internet or vice versa, website maintenance for companies from Estonia in the Russian market. Localization of a product, game or software for another market is more like adapting the software to the culture of that country, often direct and word-for-word translation cannot be used in localization.

When you turn to our technical translation agency you can be assured of the competence of our translators, managers and editors in Estonian. We will do our best to give an accurate estimate of the total cost of your order within the shortest timeframe possible and to translate it into a definite timeframe. And of course, we will deal with your specific subject matter in the best way. If you have already ordered a translation from and into Estonian and you are not satisfied with the quality of work of another translator or translation agency. In that case, you can use our inexpensive service of editing a translation performed outside of our agency. This will save you time and money. But, of course, it is better to go straight to the experts in Estonian translations, who have been doing it for more than 20 years!

Interesting facts about the Estonian language

  1. Estonian is the official language of Estonia and is spoken by over 1.1 million people.
  2. Estonian is part of the Finno-Ugric language family, which includes Finnish, Hungarian, and several other languages spoken in northern and central Europe.
  3. Estonian has 14 noun cases, making it one of the most inflected languages in the world.
  4. Estonian has a phonetic alphabet, which means that every letter corresponds to a specific sound, and every sound corresponds to a specific letter.
  5. Estonian has several dialects, which can vary significantly in pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar.
  6. Estonian has borrowed words from many different languages, including German, Swedish, and Russian.
  7. Estonian has a relatively small vocabulary, with only around 150,000 words in use.
  8. Estonian has a rich tradition of folk songs, which are often sung in choirs and played on traditional instruments.
  9. Estonian is the only official language in the world that uses three vowels with a macron (ō, ā, and ū), which indicates a longer vowel sound.
  10. Estonian has been influenced by various conquerors and invaders throughout history, including the Vikings, Germans, Swedes, and Russians.

Some difficulties in translation into Estonian

Here are some common difficulties that can arise when translating into Estonian:

  1. Complex Grammar: Estonian has a complex grammar system, which can make it difficult for non-native speakers to accurately convey the intended meaning of the source text. Estonian has 14 cases and many different verb forms and word orders.
  2. Unique Vocabulary: Estonian has a rich vocabulary with many unique words and phrases that have no direct equivalent in other languages. Translators must be familiar with these unique terms and know how to use them in the appropriate context.
  3. Cultural Nuances: Estonia has many cultural nuances that are not immediately apparent to non-native speakers. Translators must be aware of these nuances to ensure that the translation is culturally appropriate and accurately reflects the original text.
  4. Idiomatic Expressions: Like any language, Estonian has many idiomatic expressions that can be difficult to translate directly into another language. Translators must have a deep understanding of Estonian idioms to ensure that they are translated correctly.
  5. Limited resources: Compared to some other languages, there are fewer resources available for Estonian translation. This can make it more difficult to find specialized terminology and accurate translations for certain words or phrases.

Why choose us

Looking for high-quality Estonian translations? Look no further than ATT – Translation Services!

Our experienced and professional team of Estonian translators are well-versed in a variety of subjects and specializations. Whether you need a standard translation or a specialized one, we have the expertise to handle it all.

At ATT – Translations our main goal is to ensure that all of our clients receive the best possible translation services. We achieve this by bringing together a team of specialized translators and supervising the translation process to ensure the highest level of quality.

We have been providing Estonian translation services since 2001, and have participated in a large number of projects in various language pairs, including Russian into Estonian, English into Estonian, and Estonian into German, Italian and other languages.

We understand that each area of specialization requires a specific set of skills and knowledge, and we only hire translators who have significant experience in their respective fields. This ensures that the translations are not only accurate but also convey the intended meaning of the original text.

Our friendly relations with several translators and translation agencies from Tallinn and other Estonian cities enable us to handle nearly any language pair through Estonian.

So, if you’re looking for high-quality Estonian translations that meet your specific needs, look no further than ATT – Translation Services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your translation needs!

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